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  • Spine (Neck & Back)
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  • Physical Therapy
  • Physiatry


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, or Physiatry, is a branch of medicine specializing in diagnosing and treating a wide array of neurologic and musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. The aim of a physiatrist is to see the big picture - the whole person instead of the injury - and to help the person regain maximal function through nonsurgical means. Appropriate diagnosis is followed by careful education to help the patient understand the condition, and to facilitate participation in their own recovery. They utilize a number of tools and strategies including physical and occupational therapy, injections and medications to achieve these goals. Only when necessary will they refer patients to their surgical colleagues.

The physiatrists at the Salt Lake Orthopaedic Clinic treat many conditions, but most commonly see patients with neck and back pain, sports injuries and other nonsurgical orthopedic conditions. They perform electrodiagnostic studies (EMG) and provide expert opinions for insurance companies and attorneys. Their focus is on function and they would love to help you achieve your maximum potential.